We buy them every year as gifts! Sarasota, FL Customer
“We bought a decorated Christmas tree a few years ago and return every year to purchase more for gifts.”
Came back to order more decorated Christmas trees for more patients and customers! Doctor from West Palm Beach, FL
“I purchased a tree for our home and then returned to order more lighted decorated christmas trees for my staff, clients and patients.”
I want them all! Venice, FL Customer
“I want them all. I cannot make up my mind which one I want.” (She bought three trees that year and has been back every year to buy another.)
Beautiful and original, no two are alike! North Port, FL Customer
“I have never seen anything like your lighted decorated christmas trees. They are beautiful and so original. No two trees are alike”
The wreath made with wine corks made the perfect gift! Massechussets Customer
“That cork wreath is perfect for our son and his wife as they are great wine drinkers”
I keep my tree up all year long, not just for Christmas! Columbus, OH Customer
“I bought one of your decorated trees last year for Christmas and it is still up. You were right these are for all year around not just for Christmas”
The lights give off a beautiful warm glow! Seattle, WA Customer
“I bought one of your cork ornament Christmas trees last year and have it on the end of the bar in our home and we have had more complements. It is perfect. The lights give the area a perfect warm glow.”
I enjoy my shell and flower tree every day! Boise, ID Customer
“I have had my shell flower Christmas tree up all year and enjoy it every day”
These trees are so beautiful and unique! Auburn, IN Customer
“I can tell that a lot of work has gone into your creations, these¬†lighted decorated christmas trees¬†are just beautiful and so unique!”